On the 1st January 2015, IAMA and LEADR merged into one organisation and became Resolution Institute. Our websites will be updated to reflect this.

​ACT Registered Mediators

Mediators registered under the ACT Mediation Act

The ACT Mediation Act (“the Act”) prescribes certain requirements for the registration of mediators, including the application of declared standards of competency and the provision of a register of mediators. IAMA and LEADR joined on 1st January 2015 to become Resolution Institute.  In time the member databases will be unified to reflect this change.  Until then Mediators accredited in the ACT who were previously members of IAMA can be found below, practicioners who were previously members of LEADR or who have joined Resolution Institute can be found here.  

Mediators registered under section 5 (newly registered) of the Act and their date of registration:

Name of Mediator Date of Registration
Jack Quaid 10 December 2014
Bryan Ahern 15 March 2013
Paul Caporale 4 October 2012
Julie Dobinson   13 July 2011
Dennis Wilson 13 July 2011
Patricia Cameron 13 July 2011

Mediators whose registration has been renewed under section 7 (renewal of registration) of the Act:

Name of Mediator Date of Registration
Alysoun Boyle 24 October 2012
Rosemary Dupont 15 March 2013
Nigel Biginell 1 October 2012
Caterina Salsone 1 July 2014

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